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Crystal Healing Sessions

Crystal therapy or crystal healing is a form of vibrational medicine . Crystal therapy involves the application of crystals or gemstones to facilitate healing. 

The benefits of Crystal Therapy occur at different levels. The deep  relaxation that is created can effectively alleviate stress, emotional discomfort bring peace and calm, and is helpful in maintaining general well being. It can relieve the physical symptoms of stress-related diseases and may well assist with immune system,  and provide pain relief by relaxing muscle tension. At an emotional level, crystal  healing can stabilize moods and enhance self-esteem. Using crystal  therapy techniques induces clarity and enhances focus. It is been used to transform unwanted behaviors, thought patterns and addictions. Crystal healing creates an acceptance of and harmony with all aspects of being,  leading to a more peaceful and centered life.

  • Chakra Balance                                  
  • Crystal Healing or Body Layouts
  • Distance Chakra Balance or Crystal Healing Sessions                                
  • Custom Crystal Consultation  Includes 30 Min and 3 tumbled Stones 
  • Crystal Reiki Grid  

Usui Reiki Session

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. 


If combined with a crystal therapy session it would be the 2 package special rate.  

Add On Services

Stand alone service or add any of them on to a crystal or reiki session:

  • Crystal Foot Bath 
  • Self Love Boost Body Layout   
  • Grounding Body Layout  

This layout is recommended for those feeling scattered, disconnected and needing more peace.

It allows you to deeply connect with Earth’s Electromagnetic Field (EMF), reconnecting your

circuit for restoring, balancing & grounding your own EMF so you feel strong and centered.

Kathy's Kreations

Sprays and Mojo Bags


  • Smudge Spray
  • Intuition Spray (Ascension, Awakening, Higher Learning)
  • Weight Loss Spray


  • Serenity  Tranquility  Joy 
    • For Stress, Anxiety, Depression
  • Abundance and Prosperity
  • Sleepy Time
  • Healthy Weight
  • Custom





  • Amethyst
  • Citrine
  • Selenite 

CHAKRA BRACELETS(upon request)

TALKING STICKS(upon request)

WALKING STICKS (upon request)


  • Healthy Weight
  • Self Esteem

Gift Certificates

 Crystal Healing or Reiki Sessions or Kathy Creations make wonderful gifts for or everyone on any occasion.

Get your gift certificate for your loved one.  Because they are worth it!

Crystal Grids

 Crystal grids can sometimes be more powerful than using a single crystal for an intended goal. Crystal grids are made by the placement of stones in a geometric pattern for the specific purpose of directing energy toward a goal. The stones or crystals are then charged by your intention and energy.

Custom Crystal Grids with your intention are then charged with Reiki, essential oils. I recharge them weekly.

$70 per month that it remains active

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What People Are Saying

Angie M (St George UT)

Having the opportunity to see Kathy Rhoades the other day, was a very wonderful experience.

Being a full-time registered nurse at the hospital, as well as being a mother of 4, and going to school full-time, I have a very high stress lifestyle.

It was wonderful to be able to lay back and have Kathy work with me with the different types of energy healing.  It was refreshing and helped clear my mind of the things that have been weighing heavily on me.  I highly recommend Kathy to help you with stress, help you balance  your life better.

It was a very welcoming atmosphere.  Having a bit of a medical background, i was curious to see if any of the things Kathy used would work for me.  I was happily surprised at how amazing I felt afterword and how much peace filled my mind during our session.

i also really enjoyed how she took the time to explain everything to me, even in a scientific way, so that I had a better understanding of how it all worked.

I highly recommend her for all those in need of something to calm the soul and give more peace to one's heart.  

Thank  you, Angie

Shawn R ( SLC Utah)

My travels take me to St. George sporatically and I had heard about the energy work and stone work done by Kathy Rhoades months ago.  Each time I would go down I would try to arrange an appointment but for months our schedules didn't align.  

This last trip down we were able to schedule.  As my first Crystal healing and Reiki session, I was not sure what to expect exactly but Kathy put me at ease.  

The atmosphere was calm the smells and music put me at ease as I relaxed on the table.  Kathy then helped me with some visual techniques to bring us in line and started the session.  It was an hour of relaxation, and I could feel some of the stressors in my life draining away as she helped me open up my energy.  

It was a wonderful experience that I would love to have again, and something I would highly recommend you giving a try for yourself.  I picked up a set of her Chakra stones and an Amethist necklace after the session and have worked with them on my own daily since returning from the session and have felt they have helped me and my stress levels, bringing a larger level of peace and positive energy into my life.  It was well worth the wait, and I wont be letting scheduling delays stop me next time I am down there from having another session!  

I give Kathy Rhoades 5 out of 5 stars. Thank you, Shawn

Laura W (Texas)

As I have never had Reiki before, I was pleasantly surprised by my session with Kathy.  I appreciated that she took the time to talk with me first, getting to know me a bit, before our session.  And then the experience itself was very relaxing and enjoyable.  I did feel a burst of energy leaving my body at one point, and I took that to mean that something I no longer needed was being cleared.  Kathy also created  crystal grid on my chest during our session, which was very meaningful to me in the stones she chose were ones that were very meaningful to me.  

 I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Kathy.  I use my sprays in my house and I always travel with my little mojo bag tucked in. Overall, a beautiful experience!

Release what no  longer serves you to

Make room to embrace more of Life's Goodness and Miracles!

During the session I felt so relaxed, recharged, peaceful and whole.

She is gifted with her abilities and knowledge and skill.  I can't wait do have another session with Kathy. I highly recommend her.

Thank you Kathy

Rommy G.R. ( St George Ut)

I recommend Kathy with all my "heart!"  She is very skilled at leading and guiding me to a more balanced and contented feel of life and sense of myself.  

Kathy is teaching me with the tools to help e improve my view in relationships and communication skills to express  feelings.  She is also a hypnotherapist, so she is very wise on her advise..

I strongly recommend both Kathy's heartfelt Reiki session and her crystal healing services!

She is a fabulous person as well!

Shelby S. ( Idaho)

My  experience with Kathy Rhoades Crystal and Reiki session was phenomenal!  She has created a safe peaceful and energetically appealing space, where I felt loved, taken care of, and served in a beautiful way.  I appreciated her expertise, her knowledge, and I walked away feeling grounded, calm, clear and aligned.

I only wish I could move her closer to me so that I could receive her services on a regular basis!

Thank you, Kathy!

Sarah E (St George, UT)

Thank you so much for your generous act of service to me and my higher self.  I thoroughly enjoyed my session with you.  I use my sprays in my house and I always travel with my little mojo bag tucked in. 

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More Testimonials

Nolene B ( SLC Utah)

I love having sessions with Kathy!  She is intuitive to the spirit for the needs of my spirit and body.  She is also very knowledgeable of God's precious stones.  I always feel peace, tranquility and love from her and her sessions.

T. Dawn (St George UT )

I loved my healing session with Kathy!  As she worked on my third chakra, I felt it begin to tingle all over and I could feel the energy flowing freely after being cleared.

She is gifted with healing hands --T Dawn

Laura H (SLC Utah)

My Reiki and Crystal Healing experience with Kathy was heavenly!  She helped me calibrate and realign myself!  Her voice was calming and peaceful.  I left there with a sense of being balanced.

Thank you so much Kathy!

Kameron M ( St George)

I have really enjoyed my exploration of energy.  Working with crystals, gems, oils, etc.  

I have been able to work with Kathy Rhoades several times.  She is very knowledgeable and healing.  She knows her stuff.  My body responds  really well to her modalities.  I love how she pulls from many things and has a gentle and calming presence.

Larry B (SLC UT)

The chakra balance experience I had with Katy Rhoades was a new event for me.  I had a difficult time to lay on my back because of severe back pain.  Kathy found ways to make me feel comfortable and relaxed.  

Her gentle hospitality allowed me to continue the session.  I was finally so relaxed that I was in a deep sleep.  Her encouraging voice calmed my tension throughout my body, align my chakras and lighten my stress.

I am delighted with the services from kathy on the reiki session combined with the chakra balancing.  There is combined peace, joy and love that resonates from her talents.  It is rejuvenating and refreshing and fills me with unconditional love.

Katherine R (St George)

First of all, her healing room is filled with every healing stone and crystal you can imagine!! Just being in that room is powerful. When I had a session with Kathy I felt all sorts of emotions, and processing going on. Kathy is very intuitive and knowledgable crystal therapist. Even after the session I felt the effects of healing and releasing in my body, and emotionally. I felt safe. I felt heard. I felt important. I felt truly cared about. 

I would recommend Kathy's sessions to anyone looking to increase their life for the better, in ANY arena. I have a better understanding of myself since having sessions with her and I look forward to having more and more! 

Katherine R. 

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